• What’s the nut graf? essentially addressing why this story is important

After learning how often people of different cultures are not taught to appreciate their culture, language, heritage and race all together I wanted to document how this can be helped. The Spanish Immersion Montessori School offers total language immersion as well as multicultural Montessori education. With teachers who speak many different languages from all over the world, this environment offers children from 15 months to 5 years old the opportunity to learn in a way that many other schools don’t embrace.

  • Profiles of the main person or people in the story

SIMS Founder/Director, Jouveth Shortell.

Possibly a student’s parent –> why this school is important to them/why they chose to send their child there.

  • The event or situation
  • Any process or how something works
  • Pros and cons

Pros: awareness of the benefits of Montessori learning and early learning of different languages

Cons: parents not wanting their children filmed

  • The history of the event or situation

Explain in the beginning of the video how Montessori schools came to be/why they are beneficial to some kids learning styles

  • Other related issues raised by the story

Covid., racism leading to parents not teaching their children their language, America not valuing other languages as much as other countries

  • What are the links to the other sections of the story?
  • What’s the menu or navigation for accessing those sections?

Camera angles will be very much as if you are one with the school. Perspective will be focused on seeing through the eyes of the student/fly on the wall.

  • What multimedia elements do you want to include?

Mainly video with audio


SIMS storyboard drawing


Top 5 Fashion Thoughts For the First Week of November

  1. What We’re Loving: Gucci’s Love Parade Show 

The new collection by Alessandro Michele was presented live in a grand outdoor catwalk on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Nov. 2. 

The Creative Director’s second collection in the centenary year of the House was star-studded, giving us bright, bold, and luxurious fashion moments for the ages at the brand’s pre-fall 2022 show. 

This collection emphasized velvet suits, houndstooth tailoring, elaborate camp floor-sweeping boas, and bags to perfectly complement the hand of the person wearing it. Get out your fur, silk, velvet, sunnies, revamped lace, costume gloves, and glitzy accessories because in 2022, that’s what you need in your closet

2. What’s Stealing The Show: Lady Gaga’s purple dress and Bimini Bon Boulash at the House of Gucci Premiere in London

Lady Gaga proved that only one can dramatically fashion the way she does at the House of Gucci Premiere in London. Wearing a valorous tulle Gucci dress on the red carpet, she strutted with a queenly purple wave of sheer fabric trailing behind. Accessorized with mesh-knit fishnet thigh-high tights and platform black edgy boots, she set the bar for red carpet fashion, and the bar is as high as the platform boots she wore.

However, Bimini Bon Boulash seemingly met Gaga on the fashion front wearing a high fashion number resembling the Matrix if the Matrix were created by Gucci. The one-shoulder black velvet dress, along with bulky black leather gloves and sky-high boots, reminded us that simplicity and drama can go hand-in-hand if done well. 

3. Ariana Grande’s The Voice Looks

Ariana Grande’s fashion has been as impressionable as her voice on the hit show, The Voice. Week after week, she shows off not one but many different styles influenced by fashion moments in history, lavish beading, fashion icons, and now the movie Thirteen Going on 30. Wearing the dress inspired by the character  “Jenna Rink” played by Jennifer Garner in the 2000’s classic 13 Going on 30, Grande made the designer Donatella Versace proud as she flaunted the multi-colored dress with ease while judging at her first live show of The Voice

4. CFDA highlights 

Emily Blunt hosted the 2021 Council of Fashion Designers or CFDA fashion awards. Fashion highlights included Anya Taylor-Joy, winner of the CFDA Awards, Zendaya, Kid Cudi, Karrueche Tran, Dove Cameron, Aubrey Plaza, Drew Berrymore, and of course, Vera Wang. Over the top, sexy, playful, or sweet- the eyes were entertained at CFDA this year thanks to these fashion risk-takers.

5. Theme of 2021 Winter Fashion: Mood Booster 

After the chaotic Covid depressing last two years, it’s no wonder designers are setting the tone for 2021 fashion trends with an emphasis on happiness. Each garment coming out has been sewn, beaded, lace, dyed, with every detail being an over-the-top shock to your serotonin levels. Recent runways have given us a glimpse into this winter’s closet, and it reveals nothing but optimism. Dress for the mood you want, not the mood you have this winter, and get inspired by 2021’s winter fashion.