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Anna WiederkehrJay Boice and Neil Paine ate and left no crumbs when writing their article The NFL Does Revolve Around Tom Brady published on January 11th at 6:00 AM on

This article focused on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady with an emphasis on him being the nucleus of the NFL if the NFL were an atom. In other words, Tom Brady is the NFL’s claim to fame in most recent years. This article does an impeccable job of recapping just the right amount so that the reader knows the gravity of Brady’s pull in the franchise, his talent, and what separates him from the many other players before him.

To demonstrate Brady’s impact on QB passes and connections to other players on the field, Wiederkehr, Boice, and Paine gave us a stunningly interactive data visualization tracing all the passes connected to Brady. This data is interesting, informative and makes a complicated thought easy to compute.

Tom Brady Quarterback Connections

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