MedHead Massachusetts and Cultivating California

Massachusetts and California could not be any more different. Yet, many people find themselves torn between the two fairly often. While one person might crave the affection of the sun another might enjoy the inversion of the seasons. While it is buyer’s choice there is a lot more to it.

We can conclude from DataUSA that jobs have a lot to do with location and colleges. Seeing that the most specialized field in Massachusetts is “Medical scientists, & life scientists, all other (4 times higher than expected), Other Physical Scientists (3.77 times), and Podiatrists (3.34 times).” one can assume that it is because there are so many colleges in Massachusets geared towards those studies. Thus, many people studying science and whatnot are more prone to studying here, getting a job here, and living here.

Results for specialized fields in California could not be any more different. According to DataUSA, “Compared to other states, California has an unusually high number of residents working as Graders & sorters, agricultural products (3.25 times higher than expected), Actors (3.17 times), and Miscellaneous agricultural workers, including animal breeders (2.66 times).” It is pretty obvious why as California has weather any crop would dream to grow in. However, there is more to it. Following farming, second to agriculture most people living in California are actors/actresses, followed by fashion designers, and so on.

California has 74 agricultural colleges and 16 medical schools. Massachusetts has 4 medical colleges and minimal agricultural colleges. We can see from this that those wanting to work in medicine have more opportunities in Mass. despite not having as many schools to choose from due to the accolades and prestige of the schools here no matter how few there may be. In other words, reputation matters and it looks like Massachusetts has earned the reputation for being a land where MedHeads can congregate and scientists can collaborate. What a time to be alive!


Reviewing FiveThirtyEight Article

Anna WiederkehrJay Boice and Neil Paine ate and left no crumbs when writing their article The NFL Does Revolve Around Tom Brady published on January 11th at 6:00 AM on

This article focused on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady with an emphasis on him being the nucleus of the NFL if the NFL were an atom. In other words, Tom Brady is the NFL’s claim to fame in most recent years. This article does an impeccable job of recapping just the right amount so that the reader knows the gravity of Brady’s pull in the franchise, his talent, and what separates him from the many other players before him.

To demonstrate Brady’s impact on QB passes and connections to other players on the field, Wiederkehr, Boice, and Paine gave us a stunningly interactive data visualization tracing all the passes connected to Brady. This data is interesting, informative and makes a complicated thought easy to compute.

Tom Brady Quarterback Connections