Chart of sales

Digital subscriptions rise since lockdown began

I know it's blurry. Idk how to fix

  1. At first. I wanted to find a data set for how many people subscribe to The Boston Globe in certain areas. However, upon research this information was unavailable.
  2. In my research I found that there was a surge in subscriptions to The Boston Globe since the pandemic started.
  3. From there, my professor advised I look at bigger cities and compare the data. Thus, my new question became: Which city had the biggest surge in online subscriptions since the pandemic started?
  4. I first wanted to see how much subscription rates had gone up as a whole before going deeper.
  5. I was kicked out of the lab because they close at ludicrous hours on a Friday
  6. Yet again, kicked out due to a class
  7. Then I researched which cities had the biggest surge in subscriptions
  8. From this, I created an excel sheet and started copying numbers into excel sheet for data to later make charts in Tableau
  9. Interrupted and no longer in lab. Continuing…
  10. Have fully inserted numbers into excel
  11. Making a table using numbers to see rise or fall of sales
  12. Did not have access to Tableau to make charts but I did make one on Excel to represent the rise of digital subscriptions since the lockdown started and ended




Tableau chart


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